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Wood Biology and Wood Technology

Programme name: Wood Biology and Wood Technology
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Dr. rer. nat., Dr. forest.
Standard period or study: six semesters
Starting semester: Winter semester or summer semester
Admission: limited admission (application to the Faculty)
Admission requirements: above-average master degree in related fields, short presentation about the motivation for joining this programme
Application Deadline:January 1st for summer semester and June 1st for winter semester
Language requirement: English (must be certified by TOEFL or IELTS)

Programme description:
The international programme on Wood Biology and Technology is a three year study which leads to a Doctoral degree. The intensive, research oriented Ph.D. programme is taught by internationally respected scientists.
It is designed for highly qualified students who have studied forestry, wood sciences, biology, biochemistry, microbiology, chemistry etc. To assure a high standard individual training, the number of participants in the programme is limited to 12 students per year.
Within the PhD-programme every student mainly works on his or her special research project. He or she becomes part of one of these science groups and is supervised by one of the leading professors. According to the new study regulations each student has two additional tutors (professors) who usually become the co-examiners at the oral exam. PhD-students are entitled to suggest these two persons for this task. One of these persons can be a professor from another university.
The students are expected to be able to work and research independently and finally present a major scientific contribution to their field of specialisation. Aside of research work successful applicants have to take part in lessons and practical courses which shall prepare them for leading management positions in the woodworking industry and in research institutes. All compulsory courses are taught in English. The programme is member of the "Georg-August University School of Science" (GAUSS).

Research Topics:
One major focus of the ongoing research lies on reducing the main technical disadvantages of wood in use: its limited resistance to fungi and insects, its disposition to swell and shrink and its instability to UV-radiation. The research groups in Göttingen are developing different new approaches to overcome these technical disadvantages: acetylation, modification with organic silicon compounds, coatings, heat treatment, enzymatic activation etc. Another field of research are enzymes involved in wood decay, for example lactases and other redox-enzymes that are of potential use for the wood industry. However, all other topics in the scope of wood science and wood technology can also be dealt with. Research proposals and ideas for related topics are welcome!

The PhD-programme is a joint effort of the following science groups:
Wood Biology and Wood Products (Prof. Dr. Holger Militz, Prof. Dr. Carsten Mai)
Wood Technology and Wood-based Composites (Prof. Dr. Kai Zhang)
Forest Botany and Tree Physiology (Prof. Dr. Andrea Polle)
Chemistry and Processing Technique of Composite Materials (Prof. Dr. Alireza Kharazipour)
Molecular Wood Biotechnology and Technical Mycology (Prof. Dr. Ursel Kües)
Forest Genetics and Forest Tree Breeding (Prof. Dr. Oliver Gailing)
Forest Zoology and Forest Conservation (N. N.)