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Psychological Psychotherapy (certificate)

Programme name: Postgraduate programme in Psychological Psychotherapy (WSPP)
Degree: Certificate and proof of technical qualification for behaviour therapy
Standard period of study: Six semesters (three years full-time), monthly fee: 300,00 € (under reserve)
Starting semester: Winter semester
Conditions of admission: Departmental admission, selection interview (fee: 40,00 €),
Admission requirements: Successfully passed degree examination in the subject Psychology incl. Clinical Psychology or a comparable European degree, European citizenship

A proof of measles protection is required for enrollment. The form must be completed by your primary care physician.

If necessary, please use the time between your application and enrollment to get vaccinated or to refresh your vaccination status. The short period of time for acceptance after admission is usually not sufficient for this.

For inquiries, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students Office

Programme description
The aim of this programme is qualification as a psychological psychotherapist and along with it the capability to work as an independent psychotherapist. Graduates also receive proof of technical qualification for behaviour therapy from the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (Kassenärztliche Vereinigung, KV), giving them the possibility to open their own practice for psychotherapy.

The subject in Göttingen
This programme for advanced training is conducted in cooperation with the Technische Universität Braunschweig. The programme comprises all elements of theoretical and practical education and is set up fully in line with the regulations of the education and examination regulations (PsychTh-AprV) of psychotherapy law (PsychTHG). Both universities have licensed university outpatient clinics as well as training clinics. In-depth training takes place in the field of behaviour therapy.

Programme structure
Topics and structure according to the guidelines of the PsychThG and the nationally valid Psych-Th-APrV:
600 hrs. Theoretical education
1.200 hrs. Practical work in a recognized psychiatric clinic
600 hrs. Practical work in a recognized facility for psychotherapeutic or psychosomatic care
600 hrs. Patient treatment under supervision
150 hrs. Supervision
120 hrs. Self-exploration
930 hrs. Individualized specialization

Fields of occupation
Work with out-patients in graduate's own practice
Work in the field of in-patient treatment (e.g. specialized clinics or rehab centres) or in prevention