Aisling Boyle (Northern Ireland and UK)

Aisling was born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She completed her undergraduate degree in Sociology and English Literature at Queens University, Belfast and spent the next year working as a recruitment coordinator. She moved to Spain in 2007 where she worked in hospitality until 2009 before deciding to continue her studies. She applied for and was accepted onto the Euroculture Masters Programme, completing her first semester at the University of Uppsala and her second at Georg-August-University in Göttingen.
In 2010 Aisling completed an internship as a research assistant with The Centre for Global Education. As part of her role she researched, compiled, edited and published a 160 page guide to Campaign activism entitled, “Activist’s Handbook”. Aisling concluded her studies in March 2011 with a thesis entitled, “Flights to Bristol, Brussels or Biarritz for €9.99! What’s behind Europe’s budget airline boom? Analysing the success of the budget airline in Europe, in relation to developments in the European travel market.”
Since finishing her MA Aisling has worked in data manipulation for PricewaterhouseCoopers’ market research sector in Belfast. She is also self-employed as a fitness instructor, with a specific focus on pre and post-natal fitness. She is currently using the knowledge and experience she gained in Euroculture's project management course to set up her own fitness business.

Aisling's Euroculture Experience

I wish I had kept a list of all the incredible things that happened to me during my time as a Euroculture student because every day those memories grow a little dimmer. Thankfully the friends I have made seem to be sticking around in order to remind me of some of the most amazing moments and more often than not they are the simplest of things; Cycling up that giant hill in Uppsala, trekking through the snow to go swimming in Gottsunda, barbeques in front of O-Economicum and of course, learning more in one year about culture, life and myself than I ever could have anticipated.