Chairs of Statistics and Econometrics

Alexander Silbersdorff (formerly Alexander Sohn)


My research focuses on the application of various statistical modelling approaches. First and foremost, I use distributional regression to analyse economic inequalities. In addition, I have worked on a variety of questions from different fields - ranging from tracing living standards during the industrial revolution using informative priors in Bayesian models to employing non-parametric Hidden Markov Models to analyse the diving behaviour of whales in a frequentist framework. After all the best thing about working at this statistics chair is that you to play in a lot of people's research backyards.
Click here for a list of my published work and current working papers as well as data and software compiled for my research efforts.

I have taught various courses on statistics, from non-technical introductions to statistics to advanced statistics courses on state of the art regression techniques. In addition to courses in statistics, I have also taught the course Heterodox Economics during the winter semester for the past years.
Click here for a list of courses I have taught so far.

Statistical Consultancy
Last but not least, I offer statistical consultancy for PhD students of the following graduate schools: GAUSS, GGG, GFA, GSGG. Click here for more information.