B04 - Plant productivity and belowground resource partitioning in gradients of tropical land-use intensity and tree species diversity

Project B04 measures plant biomass at the landscape scale and relates it to above- and belowground plant traits for analysing leaf, wood and root economics spectra using the EFForTS trait database. Root competition in the Oil Palm Biodiversity Enrichment Experiment is analysed with a mechanistic approach. In addition, the existing multi-year record of productivity data in the EFForTS plots is extended to a 10-yr time series of NPP and NEP with the aim to analyse inter-annual productivity fluctuation in dependence on climate variation and system diversity and complexity. Extended Summary

Trennblatt B04 a
B04 fieldteam (left to right): Pierre-André Waite, Kyra Zembold, Syahbarudin, Anwar Khairul
Trennblatt B04 b
The components of plant carbon stocks and annual biomass production of forest, jungle rubber, rubber and oil palm plantations from lowland rainforest transformation systems in Sumatra. Shown are mean values and standard error of eight investigated plots per system.