Recent Publications

Drone-based photogrammetry for predicting tree and oil palm water use. (Ahongshangbam et al. 2019)

Reducing Fertilizer and Avoiding Herbicides in Oil Palm Plantations—Ecological and Economic Valuations. (Darras et al. 2019)

Integrating DNA Barcoding and Traditional Taxonomy for the Identification of Dipterocarps in Remnant Lowland Forests of Sumatra. (de Melo Moura et al. 2019)

Deconstructing sustainable rubber production: contesting narratives in rural Sumatra. (Otten et al. 2020)

Functional losses in ground spider communities due to habitat‐structure degradation under tropical land‐use change. (Potapov et al. 2020)

Promoting biodiversity enrichment in smallholder oil palm monocultures - Experimental evidence from Indonesia. (Romero et al. 2019)

Discouraging Rainforest Transformation: An Ex‐ante Policy Impact Analysis. (Sarwosri et al. 2019)

El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) event reduces CO2 uptake of an Indonesian oil palm plantation. (Stiegler et al. 2019)

Conversion of rainforest to oil palm and rubber plantations alters energy channels in soil food webs. (Susanti et al. 2019)