C08 - Designing effective policy instruments to induce sustainable land use

This project aims to explore the role of different policy options in shaping environmental preferences and fostering sustainable land uses. First, we investigate the effects of different incentive payment schemes on conservation outcomes and in particular their spatial configuration, using framed field experiments. Second, we evaluate the impact of information and extension on environmental preferences and land use choices. A major focus is on eliciting environmental preferences and valuation of ecosystem services using experimental auctions and choice experiments. Extended Summary

Trennblatt C08 a neu B400
Preparing the seedling for the interviews

Trennblatt C08 b neu B400
Explaining the experiments to farmers

C08_02_B_400 neu
Effect of information and seedling provision on tree planting in oil palm plantations

→ Material of the information campaign:

A. Illustrative manual
B. Video