How do I register for examinations in FlexNow?

FlexNow is the online platform to follow your academic progress and register for examinations. Once you have an eCampus account you will have access to FlexNow.

To register for exams...
1. Log in to eCampus, go to “Links” and scroll down to FlexNow-Test (FlexNow-Prüfungen).

2. This will take you to another window where you can select Register/Cancel registration for exam.

3. Log in using you matriculation number in your Student ID and enter your eCampus password.

4. At this point you will see the SIA Master Programme specialisations and Block A, B and C. courses.

5. Please be aware that you choose the modules within your profile, if you choose modules under another profile you may
experience problems when you want to register for exams later on during studies.

6. Courses for which you are registered and have been approved for exams by your professors will appear (at least 10 days) before the exam date.

7. Select the course for which you want to register for exam and enter your matriculation number and a TAN (Transaction Number) and click OK.

8. Remember that a transaction number can only be used once.

9. If you have any problems with registration for exams, please contact your professor.