What do I have to know about the master thesis?

A written application for admission for the master thesis must be submitted to the examination office at least 8 weeks before the submission of the thesis. The application forms can be obtained in the examination office. Students of International organic Agriculture may send an email to the examination office (paagrar@uni-goettingen.de) and ask to have the form sent to them by email.

Requirements for admission for the master thesis include that students have earned at least 78 credits, and among those, all compulsory and at least four mandatory modules have been completed.

The application should include: the topic of the thesis, name of first and second supervisor and signatures of confirmation by both supervisors.

One of the supervisors must be a habilitated (qualified as a professor) and authorized examiner of the Agricultural faculties of Kassel or Goettingen Universities.

The master thesis must be written in English. The time frame for writing the thesis is 22 weeks with the possibility for extension of up to 30 weeks in special cases if the supervisors also agree to this.

When the application for admission for the master thesis is submitted to the examination office, they will calculate the latest date for submission.

Students may submit their thesis up to 4 weeks before this date but not before that and not later than the deadline.

The master thesis may be conducted as a group work. The contribution of the individual to the group must be clearly distinguishable and separately assessable.

Colloquium to the master thesis: The colloquium will usually take place within six weeks after submission of the thesis. It consists of an introductory presentation (about 30 minutes) and a discussion (about 30 minutes) of the master thesis. Its purpose is to prove that the examinee is able to cope with interdisciplinary and problem-specific questions on a scientific basis and is able to put them into the context of the field of agricultural sciences.