Online Learning Modules

Digital learning units can be used for exam preparation, but also as interactive scripts in practical courses. As so-called "learning modules", they are integrated into the respective course in the Stud.IP system and can be used by students for self-study. In order to address the different learning types of the students, different types of media are used, such as texts, animations, videos and illustrations.

All listed learning modules are embedded in the Stud.IP course Biologie Basics under the tab "Lernmodule" / "Learning modules".

The following learning modules are currently offered:

Unfortunately most of the learning modules are only available in German.

Allgemeine Grundlagen (BASICS Lernmodule)

  • BASICS Osmoregulation und Exkretion
  • BASICS Immunsystem
  • BASICS Pilze
  • BASICS Herz-Kreislaufsystem
  • BASICS Sinnesphysiologie
  • BASICS Wirbellose Tiere
  • BASICS Evolution
  • BASICS Wirbeltiere
  • BASICS Tierisches Verhalten

Ringvorlesung Biologie I + II

The following learning modules are also accessible via the StudIP courses "B.Bio.106 Ringvorlesung I" in the winter semester and "B.Bio.102 Ringvorlesung II" in the summer semester

  • Tiersystematik
  • Chemie des Lebens
  • Zellbiologie I
  • Soziale Anthropologie
  • Ökologie (Tierökologie)
  • Historische Anthropologie / Humanökologie
  • Biochemie
  • Genetik
  • Bioinformatik
  • Entwicklungsbiologie
  • Mikrobiologie
  • Pflanzenphysiologie

Further learning units:

  • Lernen und Prüfen
  • Ornithologie-Quiz zur Vogelbestimmung - Ornithology Quiz for Bird Identification (German/English)