Date of Birth

Place of Birth

University degrees
Dipl.- Geogr. (geographer), Georg- August University Goettingen, 27.01.2006

Studies and academic experience

  • Studies in Geography, minor subjects: Socio-economics of Rural Development and Nature Conservation, Georg-August University Goettingen, 2000-2006
  • Field work related to the Diplom-thesis “Measurement of absolute poverty and indicators of poverty among rural households in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia” in collaboration with IPB Bogor and Universitas Tadulako Palu (both Indonesia) in the frame of SFB 552, 2005
  • Field work related to the research seminar “Probleme der landwirtschaftlichen Ressourcennutzung in einem tropischen Entwicklungsland - Fallbeispiel Bolivien“ of the Institute of Geography, University of Goettingen, Bolivia, 2004

  • Work Experience
  • Research assistant at the Department since 01.03.2006
  • Internship in an environmental education project of the NGO “Youth and Environmental Club”, funded by ASA-program of InWent in Ghana (2003)
  • Work camp/ Internship on a dairy farm in Cuba (2003)
  • Several positions as student assistant at the Institute of Geography, Institute of Rural Development (both University of Goettingen) and at the Faculty of Organic Agriculture (University of Kassel), 2000-2006

  • Awards and Honors
    Hans-H. Ruthenberg Award for Graduates of Eiselen Foundation, 2007

    Topic of dissertation
    Poverty assessment and the analysis of poverty dynamics in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia (working title)

    The study aims to assess how poverty in Central Sulawesi has developed between 2005 and 2007 and whether the former found indicators for poverty prediction are still valid (over time test). Moreover, we use the 2007 household data to re-estimate an optimal poverty prediction model. Furthermore, the poverty dynamics between 2005 and 2007 are analyzed.

    Field research
    Field research in Central Sulawesi was conducted for 9 months. There, an expenditure and a composite questionnaire were surveyed. The data is analyzed using several multivariate regression models.

    Disciplinary orientation
    Poverty tools from the IRIS center (University of Maryland) and the former Institute of Rural Development, University of Göttingen ( , panel data analysis

    Project leader
    Dr. Stefan Schwarze

    Funding institutions
    German Research Foundation (DFG- Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft)

    • Begin: The third phase of STORMA started at the 1st of July 2006
    • August – December 2006 and January-June 2007: Field research in Indonesia
    • June-December 2007: Data cleaning
    • August 2008 – December 2009: Data analysis, writing

  • Van Edig, X.,. S. Schwarzeand Manfred Zeller (accepted for publication, forthcoming 2009) „The Robustness of Indicator Based Poverty Assessment Tools in Changing Environments – Empirical Evidence from Indonesia”, in T. Tscharnke et al (eds.) Tropical Rainforests and Agroforests under Global Change , Environmental Science Series, Springer, Berlin
  • Van Edig, X., 2005. Measurement of Absolute Poverty and Indicators of Poverty Among Rural Households in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Online resource of the Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen (pdf)
  • Van Edig, X. S. Schwarze und M. Zeller 2007. Indicator based poverty assessment for rural Central Sulawesi. Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture Vol. 46 (2007), No.2

  • Presentations
  • Van Edig, X., oral presentation of Diplom thesis in the frame of the Ruthenberg-Award 2007, Tropentag 2007, Witzenhausen

  • Van Edig, X., S. Schwarze und M. Zeller 2006. Poster-Präsentation „Indicator Based Poverty Assessment among Rural Households in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia” auf dem Deutschen Tropentag 2006 in Bonn
  • Van Edig, X., S. Schwarze, Zeller M. und B. Sanim 2006. „Testing the Accuracy of Tools to Identify the Poor in Central Sulawesi.” Vortrag auf der IAAE-Conference, Goldcoast (Australien) 2006 im Rahmen des Minisymposiums „Towards operational methods in measuring absolute income poverty: New methodological approaches with empirical findings from household surveys in Asia, Africa and Latin America“.
    • Van Edig, X., S. Schwarze and M. Zeller, poster presentation „Indicator Based Poverty Assessment among Rural Households in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia” at the international symposium “Towards Sustainable Livelihoods and Ecosystems in Mountainous Regions”, Chiang Mai (Thailand) 07-09.03.2006

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