Fachschaft Agrarwissenschaften

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Bild: Lena Kaatz

We are the student council of the Agricultural Faculty, University of Göttingen – the person to contact in case you have any question about studying agriculture in our beautiful city of Göttingen.

council meeting:
tuesdays at 8 p.m.
Von-Siebold-StraĂźe 4
37075 Göttingen

Let's meet in person at the parking lot in front of the building at Von-Siebold-Straße 4 and drink a beer or enjoy a conversation – or both? We'll see!

How can we help you?

  • lend an ear for problems, questions and issues of students
  • advocay of students in boards and commissions
  • organising additional events

  • Within the framework of self-administration, students can actively participate in the design of their study programm, which is realized in the work of the student council. At the moment, the interests of the students are represented by the UL (Independent Farmers). As representatives, we speak for you in the study commission, the faculty council and in the respective study program conferences.
    We also supplement the university's official range of courses with events such as excursions and lectures. Excursions to farms or agricultural companies are carried out every semester. We organize the orientation festivities in the summer and winter semesters as well as the orientation parties and Faculty Ball of Agricultural Sciences.

    How do we work?
  • frequent meetings of our student council
  • talk to each other, exchange views and coordinate with each other

  • During the semester we meet every Tuesday for the student council meeting at 8 pm in the student council room at Von-Siebold-StraĂźe 4 (room 034, basement). In the student council meetings, we organize events, help the LaWi-Göttingen e.V. with the organization of the famous LaWi party, the AEhrenball, the annual summer festival and much more. In addition, we represent the interests of the students in the various committees. In this way we bring students together, with us you make new contacts very quickly.
    After the meeting, we sit down and talk about our studies and everything that is currently on our minds.

    last update: 2022/05/20