In publica commoda

Bicycle-friendly Göttingen

In Göttingen, the bicycle is the ideal means of transport!


Because in Göttingen most distances are less than five kilometres and consequently easy to manage on a bike.

The majority of students (77.1 per cent) use a bike once or several times every day to get to their lectures or to the cafeteria on time, without being delayed by traffic jams having to find a parking spot.

Cycling is an active way to protect the environment, and a healthy way, too.

Excellent cycle network

The Municipality of Göttingen continuously extends its cycle tracks. Some parts of the pedestrian zone are accessible for cyclists, and several one-way streets are open to bicycle traffic in both directions.

In Göttingen, there are even special cycle streets, which are open to motor traffic only to a limited extent, but offer ample space for cyclists instead.

Carriage of bicycles on public transport

The combination of cycling with travelling by public transport presents no great problems either.

The municipal transport company of Göttingen (GöVB) offers free-of-charge bicycle carriage within its entire transport network. Some other transport companies also offer special deals for bicycle transport.

Healthy, ecological and thrifty

For students in Göttingen, bikes are indispensable. On the following pages (see right-hand column), you will find all important information and useful hints about cycling in Göttingen.