Tandem program for students with or without children

What is the tandem program?

The tandem program is based on a priced idea from the Student Idea Competition 2016. The program aims to enhance exchange between students with and without children. Getting to know alternative lifestyles or phases of life improves mutual understanding between students and especially sensitizes for the position of studying parents.
Work in a tandem enables a flexible but continuous accompanied learning process. Studying parents are especially dependent on flexible support, since their everyday university life is characterized by unforeseen obligations, e.g. sickness of a family member or shortfall of child care.

How does the tandem program work?

In the beginning, participating students will get to know each other and the tandem partnership will be formed for the two semester period of the program. The family service supports this process and accompanies the tandem partners.
The program includes one welcome session, as an introduction to the program and a getting to know event, as well as two qualifying workshops for the mentors in training and a transfer workshop for all participants. The family summer party serves as a festive conclusion to the tandem program.
The workshops, that students without children will participate in, are compulsory but also a great privilege.

Who can participate?

All students are welcome to participate. The tandem project is open to all faculties, including the Universitätsmedizin (UMG). When applying, it does not matter how many semesters students have finished. Pregnant students as well as parents in the beginning of their studies can form a tandem with experienced students.
Support and motivate each other ? what could my tandem look like?

The tandem partners can

  • support each other in gaining orientation at university
  • offer support in related subjects e.g. by exchanging lecture notes or through collective learning for exams
  • spend free time together e.g. do sports, have a coffee in a café or a picnic on the playground
  • students without children can support their tandem partner, in solving conflicts based on the difficulty for students with children of achieving a study-family balance e.g. by arranging to take children to university lectures, negotiating extra authorized absence or making appointments out of usual office hours

  • What´s in it for me?

    The tandem program offers great value to all participants.
    It supports
  • structured thinking and working through accompanied learning processes
  • the development of soft skills, such as social competence, improved empathy and communication skills
  • a sense of belonging between students
  • reducing the double burden of studying parents
  • self-confidence of students with children
  • a child-friendly university
  • Students without family commitment who attend this program will be awarded with a certificate of participation.

    How do I participate?

    If you are interested in participating in this program or have any further questions don´t hesitate to contact Katrin Hansmann via e-mail tandem@zvw.uni-goettingen.de or phone (0551 39-22156).