You can meet other students with children within our Studying on Saturdays (with free of charge childcare) program, at the kindergartens close to campus, at our annual summer-party for families and within the Tandem program for students with or without children.

The general student council regularly organizes an Elterncafé under different topics; you can find the latest dates and topics on the general student council’s facebook page. The Elternkontaktbörse at the Faculty for Social Sciences - which is open to all students - offers a more informal way to meet other parents. The latest dates will be posted in our facebook group “Studieren mit Kind an der Uni Göttingen” - to which you have access with or without a facebook registration – or send to you in our newsletter “Studieren mit Kind”. To can register to the newsletter at the bottom of this page.
Furthermore there is a group “Studieren mit Kind” in Stud.IP, in which studying parents - self-organized - discuss and arrange to meet.

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