Die Zentrale Kustodie und das Lichtenberg-Kolleg kooperieren eng im Bereich Forschung. Sie haben mehrere Fellowships an promovierte Wissenschaftler und Wissenschaftlerinnen vergeben, die zu den Themenbereichen Wissensforschung, Sammlungspraxis und Wissenskommunikation forschen und in diesem Rahmen die herausragenden Bestände der über 30 akademischen Sammlungen der Universität nutzen.
The University of Goettingen recently established a centre for academic heritage (”Zentrale Kustodie”) in order to strengthen research, outreach and conservation of its academic collections. The project, funded by the state of Lower Saxony, focuses on the theory and history of cultures of knowledge, theories and cultural practices of academic collections as well as exhibitions, curatorial and outreach activities.

The Lichtenberg-Kolleg and the academic heritage office granted short-term Fellowships for scholars whose research is concerned with the above mentioned topics. They will use one or more of the extraordinary holdings of over 30 Goettingen academic collections in their research while in Goettingen

  • Alexandra Cook (Associate Professor, Hong Kong University): Visualizing the plant: knowledge- and image-making in the herbarium 1545-1800

  • Benjamin Mirwald (Research Assistant at the Deutsche Museum München): Precision of scientific instrumentation – claims, meanings and reproducibility

  • Nadine und Ioannis Panteleon (University of Bochum): "For we know in part” (1 Kor 13:9): Johannes Boehlau’s assemblage of ceramic fragments as part of the collection of Greek and Roman antiquities at the University of Göttingen

  • Dorothea Peters (Berlin): The Photographic Archive of the Department of Art History in Göttingen. An examination of the stock

  • Nuno M. Romão (Junior Research Group Leader, Hausdorff Research Institute for Mathematics, University of Bonn): Hilbert as outreacher: the genesis of Anschauliche Geometrie

  • Philipp Schorch (Research Fellow, Deakin University, Australia): Negotiating transpacific lives: Museums, material culture, and meanings

  • Cindy Stelmackowitch (Postdoctoral Fellow, Dalhousie and Halifax Universities): Advancing and Trading Anatomical Knowledge: The 19th Century Anatomical Collections at the University of Göttingen