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Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science

Within a system of staged degrees the Bachelor’s degree is the first degree for students who have completed a degree programme. It is the basic university degree and qualifies holders to take up a profession.

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) is awarded after a six-semester programme in the Humanities or the Social Sciences. The Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) is awarded after a six-semester programme in the Natural Sciences, Forestry, the Agricultural Sciences, or the Geosciences.

The one-subject Bachelor’s programme provides students with the opportunity to study a subject in-depth.

The two-subject Bachelor’s programme
In the two-subject Bachelor’s programme students can combine two subjects of their own choice and give them equal priority. With roundabout 45 subjects offered, there is a myriad of possible combinations which can be chosen according to the student’s individual wishes. (Those wishing to become teachers must adhere to certain stipulated combinations of subjects.)

Apart from the subject-related specialist matters, in the so-called “area of professionalisation” students can choose different profiles that will help them head to a particular professional direction after the completion of the programme:

  • Specialised profile
  • Practical profile
  • Teaching profession
  • “Studium generale” profile

Notes for applicants wishing to take up a teaching profession:

  • Only degrees qualifying their holders to teach at Gymnasiums or at commercial vocational schools (Business and Economics Education) can be obtained from Göttingen University.
  • The teacher training profile (teacher at Gymnasiums) must be indicated in the application.
  • Not all of the possible combinations of subjects are permissible in the subsequent Master of Education programme; therefore, please consult the table “Combinations of Subjects” (see PDF in the right-hand column).