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Possibilities of university entrance at Göttingen University

An indispensable prerequisite for starting a course of studies is always documentary evidence of university entrance qualification (HZB). This qualification can be acquired in various ways either at school or through gainful employment.
If you possess a university entrance qualification, this means that you can enrol for any subject with non-restricted admission or apply for admission to a subject with restricted admission.

Since the possibilities for acquisition of a university entrance qualification vary a great deal, we have compiled for you several detailed documents hereunder to provide information and answers to your questions.

Basically, there are two different categories of university entrance qualification:

  • General university entrance qualification
    In principle, the general university entrance qualification provides access to all degree programmes. There is no restriction concerning subjects of study.

  • Subject-related university entrance qualification
    The subject-related university entrance qualification provides access to certain degree programmes related to subjects previously covered in secondary education or vocational training.

    • 3. Subject-related university entrance qualification via graduation from school
    • 4. Subject-related university entrance qualification via vocational training

    These two documents are currently being revised and will be available soon. Please address any questions you may have to the contact shown in the left column.

    For subject-related university entrance qualifications, separate examination of every individual case is currently required. Therefore we recommend that you submit a preliminary (online) application to Göttingen University for any subject with restricted admission or lodge an online application for enrolment for degree programmes with non-restricted admission. Your qualification for university studies will be examined in the course of the admission procedure. In the case of a positive decision you will be included in this procedure. In any case you will be notified in writing about the outcome of your application.