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Before your studies begin

"Get information online, test it offline" - Göttingen University offers many options to realize and test your expectations and ideas concerning a course of studies. Get the information now and do not hesitate to pay Göttingen University a visit!

Subject-independent study preparation programmes:

Uni Kennenlernen

Getting to know the University

Guided tours across the campus, visiting lectures and presentations or information events for all topics concerning studying: We design individual programmes for your group!

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Autumn University

On two days in the autumn holidays you have the opportunity to explore Göttingen University: visiting lectures and presentations, talking to students or visiting guided tours across the campus.

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Information days for prospective students

Two days, one location: this is your opportunity for an informal, relaxed visit to information events about all subjects of study.

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Study Workshops

The first from my family to go to uni? Should I study or not? What should I study, and where? We give you an opportunity to compile your personal study workshop programme from a choice of various elements.

Erste Schritte

Erste Schritte zum passenden Studiengang

In 90 minutes students learn how to systematically approach their own choice of study.


Early study

The early study programme offers senior secondary school students with outstanding achievements an opportunity to attend selected university courses. Here you can expand your knowledge in your own fields of interest and gather first experience at the University. Moreover, you will be able to acquire first examination prerequisites..

Abitur Workshop

Abitur and then what?

In this workshop of 1,5 days we offer prospective students the possibility to look into their own skills, interests and resources, to discover the secret of smart decisions and to discuss your plans for the future and develop strategies to reach these objectives.


Student Ambassadors of Göttingen University

Students visit your school: pupils receive personal and authentic accounts of their own experiences, interesting dialogues included!

Schnupperstudium Banner

Trial study programme

The beginning of the lecture period is the optimal time to visit lectures, experience the campus atmosphere and get a hands-on taste of life in a university city.

Virtuelle Studienorientierung Kreide

Online course orientation

Does it fit? Via online course orientation, you can learn more about individual degree programmes and check whether your ideas and interests fit the programmes and their requirements.

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The orientation tuesday for prospective students

Get ready for studying! - The orientation tuesday for prospective students
Each tuesday in the application period: resolving your last questions before your studies begin!


Explore subjects! Subject-specific study preparation programmes:

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