Advisory Service for Bachelor and Master Students

Bachelor and Master Students will be able to find various information and advisory services as well as opportunities to exchange experiences with other students in our institute.

During Orientation Week, the freshman students will be introduced to the seminar and will have the opportunity to pose their questions to the elder students and lecturers. Advisor Orell Witthuhn M.A. will help with problems and questions concerning curricular design and structure.
Detailed information regarding current seminars and courses will be available on this website in a .pdf document called „Kommentiertes Verzeichnis der Lehrveranstaltungen“. A preliminary discussion that takes place at the beginning of each semester allows lecturers to personally present their courses and arrange the schedule in case some seminars do not have a fixed date yet.
The language courses for Middle Egyptian and Coptic each will be accompanied by a tutorial that offers additional assistance in case of struggles with the subject matter. Furthermore, students are encouraged to form study groups depending on their own interests and competencies.
Each year for Christmas and summer, the lecturers, employees and students get together to celebrate the end of the term and the holidays. There is also a regulars’ table that can be attended. The spokespersons of the Egyptology student body are in charge of organising and informing others about upcoming events, e.g. lectures and special exhibitions, but can also be approached in case of problems with their studies, fellow students or lecturers.
To give the students another opportunity to get information and advice, the concepts of one-to-one mentoring and peer mentoring have been introduced into our seminar recently. This website provides further information on the mentoring programme.