The concepts of one-to-one mentoring and peer mentoring have been introduced into our seminar recently. This website provides further information on the mentoring programme.

If participating in the one-to-one mentoring programme, beginning students in the field of Egyptology and Coptic Studies will be invited to a counseling session with an assigned lecturer at the beginning and in the end of their first semester. This will establish a first personal connection that, if necessary, can be extended during the course of studies.

The below listed peer mentors are advanced students and doctoral candidates who were able to gather wide-ranging experience during their course of studies and are willing to share these with fellow students. Several topics can be addressed during a counseling session, e.g. academical writing, confident appearance and behaviour in seminars, presentations and exams, everyday life in university, studIP and Flex Now, switching study subjects, excavations, studying abroad, internships in museums and editorial department, career planning, scholarships and financing, doctorate.

To arrange an appointment, you can write an email to the mentors' shared email address (see contact form). If you want to talk to a particular mentor, please make sure to mention their name in the subject heading.