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Lottery procedure

A lottery procedure for the allocation of university places in the 1st subject semester of degree programmes subject to limited admission takes place only if there are still some free university places available after the regular allocation procedures have been completed.

  1. clearing procedures ( = lottery procedures), organised by as part of the national platform for degree programmes with limited admission at (DoSV; dialogue-oriented service procedure).

  2. An internal lottery procedure of Göttingen University for all first degree programmes subject to limited admission (including medicine - both full place and half place - and dentistry).

    Application period: 7 to 21 October 2019

    The following degree programmes will most likely participate in the internal lottery procedure:

    • Applied Data Science (B.Sc.)
    • Ethnology (B.A.)
    • Ethnology (B.A.) (two subjects)
    • Economics (B.A.)
    • Economics (B.A.) (two subjects)
    • Mathematical Data Science (B.Sc.)
    • Social Sciences (B.A.)

Participation in the procedures is limited to the periods specified. The clearing procedure is carried out within the central application portal of, while the University operates a separate application portal for its own internal procedure. Participation is open to both German and foreign prospective students. Both the clearing procedure and the university's own lottery procedure is open to all applicants, even to those who have already been granted a university place. This university place will not be forfeited by participation in the lottery procedure. Applicants who have not taken part in the procedure during the regular application period, can also register here for the first time.

For Master's degree programmes: Some faculties (e.g. Faculty of Social Sciences) offer their own lottery procedures for their Master's degree programmes. In this case, different deadlines apply. Please have a look at the websites on application of your faculty.

Application in 6 steps

To maximise your chance of being granted a university place, you should take part in both procedures.

Application in the clearing procedure
For the clearing procedure, you are required to register at the central application portal on, if you have not already done so. Then you can submit applications there for university places in subjects included in the clearing procedure.
Attention: please note that you are required to use a user account already in existence also for all subsequent service procedures. Multiple registration at hochschulstart is not permissible. More detailed information about multiple registration can be found on

Applications for all first degree programmes
For all first degree programmes subject to limited admission: you can apply online for participation in the University's internal lottery procedure (see link in the right-hand or bottom menu). If you have already registered during standard application period, you can continue to use this account. You can also lodge lottery applications for several degree programmes. Written documents, such as a high-school graduation certificate, are not required for participation.

Admission / denial
The decision on admission or denial is invariably made exclusively by drawing lots. In the event of admission, you will receive a letter of admission. The letter of admission is non-transferable. In cases of non-compliance with enrolment prerequisites (such as absence or insufficiency of university entrance qualifications), the letter of admission may be cancelled. Letters of denial are not sent out.

Enrolment following admission
If you are offered a university place in one of the procedures, you can now apply for enrolment at Göttingen University by using the same online form for data input. Please observe the acceptance deadline specified in the letter of admission.
At the end of data input, you will have received the registration number of your application together with a form for printout containing a list of all documents you are subsequently required to send to the University by (e-)mail. Please observe the acceptance deadline specified in the letter of admission.

Transfer of semester fees
Following data input, please transfer the semester fees to the University. Only after your payment has been received can processing of your enrolment be finalised. Please indicate your registration number, your name and the reference semester (summer semester 2016) on the remittance slip!

Confirmation by the university
An official confirmation for your enrolment will subsequently be sent to you automatically.