Guidelines for Contributors

  • PDF-files in high quality print (standards: PDF/X-3:2002, black and white print settings) or camera-ready manuscripts written in English, French or German are accepted. To maintain printing standards, we can accept originals only; please do not send xerocopies
  • If using A4-size paper, please allow 3 cms for the upper margin and 2.5 cms for all other margins. If using US Letter or other formats, please use a page spread of 24x16 cms. We shall have your contributions professionally reduced by about 1/3; it is not necessary for you to send us a reduced printout.
  • Please do not use a character size of more than 12 point for the main text and 10 point for the footnotes. Please do not use a line spacing of more than 15 point for the main text and more than 12 point for the footnotes.
  • Please do not insert improvements or additions by hand.
  • Please do not add page numbers to your manuscripts. Use a soft pencil to number the pages, preferably on the reverse.
  • Please do not bend your contribution and protect it from possible damage during transportation.
  • We do not confirm receipt of your manuscript, but we try to evaluate your contribution and to confirm its acceptance for publication as quickly as possible. This procedure will take about four months.
  • On request contributors will receive a pdf-file as a reprint.