Prof. Dr. Norbert Mundorf

Dr. Norbert Mundorf is a Professor at the University of Rhode Island, where he has taught since 1987.  With his background in Communication he is involved in various interdisciplinary research, teaching and outreach initiatives to promote Sustainable Transportation and Health.

Dr. Mundorf's research interests include media effects, global and online communication, as well as transportation, sustainability and behavior change. He has worked with the URI Transportation Center, the Cancer Prevention Research Center, and the University of Göttingen (Sabbatical 2013), on issues related to Mobility and Sustainable Transportation, including the impact of transportation choices on health and active living.  He has been involved in projects related to health promotion, sustainability and behavior, acceptance of innovative renewable materials, and preparedness for the impacts of Climate Change. He works with various groups to enhance the communication and audience targeting of sustainability and health related projects.

Dr. Mundorf commutes by bicycle and is active in the Community Organization Healthy Places by Design, South Kingstown.