In publica commoda

Teaching and Learning Complaint Management

Do you have suggestions or criticism concerning...

  • ...counselling/advisory offers or University services (e.g. information offered, opening hours)?
  • requirements or curricula?
  • ...examination procedure or recognition of university credits earned abroad?
  • ...infrastructure?

Then the Complaint Management is the right place to go to! Silja-Katharina Haufe and Meike Gottschlich will be available to advise you. You can bring up all requests concerning study conditions and get qualified feedback and assistance directly. The hints and suggestions are used to take a collegiate perspective and to implement practice- and demand-oriented actions to improve study conditions.

How can I get in touch and what happens then?
1. You can bring up your request/concern by E-Mail to kritik(at), via contact form, letter, phone or personally.
2. We check your request/concern and research the setting and contact persons.
3. Afterwards we come to an agreement regarding further steps with you. Thereby we determine, if the Complaint Management team will get on to the responsible persons, or if you'll get some advice and assistance to plead your own case. During the whole process we'll inform you about the progress.
4. In addition the Complaint Management team can initiate quality management actions.