Carolin Borgmann

Section Head in Material Development for Pampers for Procter & Gamble in Schwalbach, Germany

I am a Diploma-Chemist, educated at Mainz University with initial focus on Polymer Chemistry. During my studies, I had the pleasure to spend nine months at University of Toronto, Canada, where my passion for material science was born, at that time for Inorganic Solid State Chemistry. Back in Germany, I stayed in the area and completed my Diploma-thesis on novel Silicates. For my PhD studies I changed to Frankfurt University and worked on "Luminescent Materials based on Zeolites" in the group of Prof. Ferdi Schüth (today at MPI Mülheim), which was a BMBF project with Philips at Aachen. Objective was the development of a cost-optimized, red light emitting material for energy saving lamps: a challenging and exciting project.
In 1999, I joined the "Design and Cost Optimization" department at Procter & Gamble in Schwalbach, which was part of R&D for Paper Products (e.g. Pampers diapers and Feminine Care products). My projects targeted at "better & cheaper" product designs and raw materials.
Since more than 10 years now, I working on raw material development for diapers, having touched a wide range of materials ? from cellulose to breathable films. Today I am heading a global team managing development and current business of polymeric Superabsorbers, in support of Pampers and Feminine Care products.
My partner is also Material Scientist with similar responsibilities and organizational level, but in a different chemical company and category. We have two kids, 7 and 9 years old, and we successfully manage the dual career approach, meaning we try to live a fair split, e.g. in private tasks and professional travel, because both our careers should be equally important.
I am co-leading the P&G "Women in Innovation" network at Schwalbach with the objective to drive Diversity & Inclusion at the site in general, and to support R&D women in all aspects of their careers specifically.

R&D for Consumer Goods: Living in a Material World

The talk will give you insights on (female) career opportunities within Research and Development at one of the largest consumer goods companies in the world: Procter & Gamble. We will take a closer look at raw material development for Baby Care products, with typical projects, great challenges and early responsibilities. In this context, we will discuss the importance of mentoring, private as well as professional networking and, last but not least, flexible work arrangements for female careers and family life - from a very personal point of view.

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