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Agreements for Joint Supervision of Doctoral Studies (Co-tutelle de thése)

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Source: Universität Göttingen: Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

A Cotutelle or an Agreement for Joint Supervision is an international agreement between two institutions of higher education, and in general the doctoral student, about the joint processing of doctoral studies and the joint award of the doctoral degree. After successful completion of all initially agreed upon requirements both institutions issue either a joint doctoral certificate (joint degree) or two doctoral degrees (dual degree) which refer to each other and may only be used in conjunction.

Following standards do apply in general for Cotutelle agreements with the University of Göttingen:

  • The doctoral candidate must be eligible for PhD studies at both institutions.
  • Each institution must appoint a supervisor for the PhD project. These two supervisors must agree to support the doctoral candidate and the research project according to standard rules for PhD supervision in their respective institution.
  • The doctoral candidate shall spend at least 33 % of his/her entire PhD studies at the host institution, in general not less than 12 months. Several research periods at host institution will be counted together.
  • The doctoral candidate must ensure health and other insurances for the whole period of the doctoral studies.
  • Cost of living, accommodation, fees, travel expenses must be covered by the doctoral candidates themselves. For research fellowships, employment opportunities available in Göttingen refer to the respective divisions.
  • The doctoral candidate must enrol in both institutions, in general after the conclusion of the Cotutelle agreement.
  • Assessment of the doctoral thesis and the oral examination must be done with participation of the University of Göttingen and the other international institution.

  • If your PhD project fulfills all requirements listed above and your supervisor in Göttingen agreed to your project in writing, please send us a message in which you outline your PhD project, name your home institution and your supervisor in Göttingen. We will send you a short questionnaire which will help us to prepare the negotiations with your home institution.