Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hummel

Major research interests

Since the start of the ruminant nutrition group in Göttingen in 10/2012, our major research focus is on different topics of applied and basic aspects of dairy cow nutrition. Particular points of interest have been systems for evaluation of structural effectiveness of rations, kinetic aspects of ruminal fermentation/passage, aspects of protein evaluation and aspects of grazing. A strong combining element of many projects is the general interest in all aspects related to fiber/fibrous feedstuffs in animal nutrition, a significant topic in many considerations on sustainability of ruminant production systems. Besides classic methods of animal nutrition, we approach research questions using on farm research and in vitro fermentation methods (artificial rumen systems like Hohenheim Gas Test and Rusitec).

Another long standing research topic is comparative herbivore nutrition, e.g. comparisons between grazing and browsing ruminants and other large herbivores. This includes practical nutrition of such herbivores in captivity, e.g. giraffe. Besides improving our knowledge on the respective digestion types, this approach shall broaden our view on digestive capacities of the major domestic ruminants.