International Marketing

Instructor Lecture:
Prof. Dr. Yasemin Boztuğ

Target Audience:
Bachelor BWL, VWL, VWL alt, WInfo, WiPäd, Erasmus Students, Business and Economics

Learning Goals:
After successful attendance the students should understand the foundations of international marketing as well as the diverse environments of global markets. Moreover, they should be able to assess global marketing opportunities and develop international marketing strategies.


  • Introduction to international marketing
  • Social and cultural environments
  • Political, legal, and regulatory environments
  • International marketing strategy (country selection, entry-modes, international marketing mix)
  • Branding across cultures

The course conveys theoretical knowledge which is enriched by case studies.

Time and Place:
The lecture will be offered again in the winter semester 2021/22 .

Required Examinations:
Exam (90 Minuten), 6 Credits

Exam Review Registration:
International Marketing Exam Review Registration

The International Marketing exam review will be held on the 2nd of August between 8-10:30am in ZHG.

Registration deadline is the 30th of July.

The date (2nd August) and timeslot are non-negotiable. Only cases with a valid and documented reason, showing why attendance is not possible, will be taken into account.

The exam review will last 15 minutes. In this time you will have the possibility to only view your exam. If you have specific questions or believe a mistake has been made you will have the opportunity to address these concerns per email after the review.
Please make sure you take the time to note the reason/argument(s) for your potential concerns.

Please register using this form even if you have already sent an email expressing interest in the exam review. Only students who have filled in the form before the deadline will be taken into account.
After the registration deadline has passed you will be informed of your allocated time slot and ZHG room.

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