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Representatives for Severely Handicapped Persons – a challenge

The Representatives for Severely Handicapped Persons perform important and meaningful tasks. In their role representing the interests of severely handicapped employees, they are responsible, on the one hand, for their issues and problems, while on the other hand, act as a contact person for employers, the Staff Council, the Integration Office and other institutions that are entrusted with topics that affect severely handicapped employees. In this respect, they are a sort of interface in the world of work.

The tasks associated with the employment of persons with disabilities were always varied and it was never easy to represent these persons properly. It is a major challenge to maintain a balance between the interests of the employer and the severely handicapped individual. In recent times, the work carried out by the Representatives for Severely Handicapped Persons has become even more demanding.

On the one hand, most companies and departments are faced with considerable cost pressures. This has had a significant effect on the employment of severely handicapped persons because a high level of sensitivity and negotiating skill is required from the representatives. On the other hand, legislators have strengthened the role of the Representatives for Severely Handicapped Persons with the amendments to the German Social Code (SGB IX). These amendments have either expanded the rights of the representatives or new tasks have been added, such as involvement in the introduction and implementation of operational integration management.