DAAD Fact Finding 'Education and research to sustainable, integrated land use in North Peru'

4 - 12 October 2014
Cooperation between University of Göttingen and HAWK Göttingen

Excursion to Laguna Pomacochas

In 2001, the Universidad National Toribio Rodriguez de Mendoza de Amazonas (UNTRM) in Chachapoyas was established focusing on applied agricultural research.Since 2011, the HAWK signed a framework agreement for an institutional cooperation with the UNTRM.

From 2014 to 2017, the Peruvian Ministry of Economy funds three research and teaching projects at the UNTRM: (1) Integrated silvopastorile systems for sustainable grazing in the provinces Bongará, Chachapoyas and Rodríguez de Mendoza of the Amazon region. (2) development of technologies for enhancing the natural resources of agricultural biodiversity in relation to climate change in the provinces Luya, Bongará and Chachapoyas the Amazon region, and (3) research and development of technologies to improve the genetics of cattle by the implantation of embryos in the experimental station of the INDES-CES in the Amazonas region.

Prof. Thren (HAWK) has been asked by the Peruvian partners to establish a cooperation program in Göttingen with expertise on (1) animal and plant breeding, (2) forestry, (3) sustainable, integrated land use, (4) biodiversity and (5) renewable energy.
This fact finding mission was the first contact between the representatives of the partner institutions UGOE, HAWK and UNTRM.

Visit of the research station