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Geometric Structures on Geometric Stacks

Title of the event Geometric Structures on Geometric Stacks
Series Higher Structures Seminar
Organizer Mathematisches Institut
Speaker Joel Villatoro
Speaker institution KU Leuven
Type of event Vortrag
Category Forschung
Registration required Nein
Details Differentiable stacks are a formalism for studying geometric objects which arise as singular quotients of smooth manifolds. These categorical objects can be studied concretely via their associated Lie groupoids. In this talk I will explain a general approach to studying differentiable stacks which are associated to Lie groupoids that come with additional structure (such as symplectic or analytic structures).
Date Start: 18.07.2019, 10:15 Uhr
Ende: 18.07.2019 , 11:45 Uhr
Location Mathematisches Institut (Bunsenstr 3-5)
Contact 0551-3927752