Cross-Cultural Management

Cross-Cultural Management is an interdisciplinary field of study, which aims to improve communication, management and interaction of people from different cultures.

Through the increased globalization of the economy, cross-border ventures, global relocations and the increased use of e-commerce, many businesses are finding that managing cultural differences can be a key factor in obtaining their objectives. This course will introduce students to the topic of cross-cultural management and raise awareness for difficulties in intercultural communication and management.

After taking this lecture, students will be familiar with and have acquired several key competencies and methods needed when working with/in different cultures. They will be aware of cultural differences in communication and management, enabling them to more easily and more naturally fit into a new business environment.

General Information

Course Type: lecture, master level

Course Frequency: irregular, next lecture will be announced

Examination: written examination (90 minutes), 6 C

Workload: Attendance: 28 hours, Self-study: 152 hours

Entrance requirements: none

Recommended Prerequisites: none

Language: English

Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Fabian Froese

Max. number of students: not limited

Recommended Semester: 1-3