Prof. Timo Weishaupt, Ph.D.

Department II: Political Sociology and Social Policy

Office hours
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Major research topics:

  • Comparative analysis of the welfare state (Western democracies)
  • Labor market policy and administration in various European countries
  • Social exclusion and homelessness
  • Labor market and social policy of the European Union (EU)
  • Industrial Relations
  • Methods and theories of institutional development


Lydia Regner
Office hours: on working days (all day)

Research Assistants / PhD students:
Merve Eryoldas M.A.
Christian Hinrichs M.A.
Franziska Pflüger M.A.
Robert Tiede M.A.
Dr. Jan Weckwerth

PhD Students:
Vincent Lindner (Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE, Frankfurt)
Patrick Oppermann (University of Göttingen)

Former Research Assistants / PhD Students:
Dr. Judith Czepek
Dr. Benedikt Bender M.A. (University of Mannheim)
Dr. Christopher Buß M.A. (University of Mannheim)
Dr. Heide Haas, Dipl.-Volksw. (University of Göttingen)
Dr. Julia Klitzke M.A. (University of Mannheim)
Dr. Stefan Lindow (University of Göttingen)
Dipl.-Soz. Luzie Sennewald
Dr. Dirk Vogel, Dipl.-Soz., MBA (University of Göttingen)

Student Assistants:
Karen Eckert
Jonas Jehnichen
Marie Helena Menzel
Niklas Weiberg