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Lecture series in winter semester 2014/2015

Upheavals - triggers for evolution and progress

Upheavals and geological turbulences are hallmarks of biological evolutionary stages on our planet. Likewise, fundamental developments of humankind have been ushered in by both historical and sociological turmoil as well as by technological innovation.

Even today, the nations and societies of the world are equally faced with great challenges and upheavals that will influence the future of humankind and that of our planet significantly. If we want to master the imminent tumultuous events of the future and approach them with surety and political strength, it is necessary to take a retrospective look at and learn from the upheavals that have taken place throughout the history of the Earth and humankind.

This lecture series "Upheavals - triggers for evolution and progress" provides illustrious examples of such radical changes and explains their long-term consequences. This will always be done with a view to current events, while classifying the technological, economic, societal, scientific and academic upheavals within an historical context.

Recordings of each lecture will be broadcast by StadtRadio Göttingen (107.1 MHz) on the subsequent Wednesday at 12:00 CET and then accessible long-term as a video clip on this website.

Responsible for the programme:
Prof. Thomas Kaufmann, Prof. Joachim Reitner,
Prof. Kurt Schönhammer, Prof. Gerhard Wörner

This centralised public lecture series takes place every Tuesday at 18:15 CET in the "Aula am Wilhelmsplatz".
The first lecture in the series will be held on Tuesday, 21 October 2014.