Current Research Foci

  • Innovation Experiments and Innovation Policy
  • Experimental & Behavioral Economics
  • Happiness Economics


  • Lichtenberg, Sascha, Tim-Benjamin Lembcke, Mattheus Brenig, Alfred Benedikt Brendel & Simon Trang, 2020: Can Gamification Lead to an Increase in Paid Crowdworkers Output?, Proceedings of Internationale Tagung Wirtschaftsinformatik (forthcoming).
  • Brenig, Mattheus & Till Proeger, 2018: Putting a Price Tag on Security: Subjective Well-Being and Willingness-to-Pay for Crime Reduction in Europe, Journal of Happiness Studies, 19(1): 145–166.
  • Ågerstrand, Marlene, Mattheus Brenig, Martin Führ & Julian Schenten, 2017: Refining tools to bridge the gap between academia and chemical regulation: perspectives for WikiREACH, Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts, 19(12): 1466–1473.

Topics for Degree Theses
The suggestions represent broad subject areas. The precise topics will be assigned to each student after consultation.

  • The determinants of subjective well-being
  • Innovation ambidexterity: Fostering exploration and exploitation
  • Explaining the description–experience gap in risky choice