Chair of Economic Policy and SME Research

Welcome at the Chair of Economic Policy and SME Research

The research activities this chair conducts focus on economic policy and SME investigation. Based on institutional economic questions, a research program evolves that has the potential to be connected with concepts beyond the disciplinary limits of economic science. Not only our general political-economic research topics, but also our specific SME political studies overlap potential areas of political development and implementation with law, social psychology as well as the social sciences and cultural studies. In addition to that, the chair posits an overlap between political-economic and SME oriented subjects in a regional economic dimension. Concurrently, Prof. Bizer is director of the Economic Institute for Crafts and SME of the Georg-August University of Göttingen (ifh Göttingen)

Economic Experiments

The Chair of Economic Policy and SME Research conducts economic experiments. We are interested in applying insights derived from the observed behaviour in experiments to issues of economic policy. For this purpose, we are constantly searching for participants. If you are interested, you can register here.