Preparing for a career in the literature industry

As part of the Master of Arts in English: Language, Literatures and Cultures we offer several modules that provide students with theoretical insights and practical experience in literary institutions such as writers' museums, publishing houses, festivals and others, both in Britain, Germany and across Europe. The courses and self-study unit that are part of the modules address a variety of topics and give students the opportunity to learn, among others, about literary heritage and the practices of its conservation and display, to gain an insight in the literary industry - historically and contemporary - , and to study the theoretical premises of the modern literature market.

An important part of the modules is an 8- to 12-week placement in a literary oder cultural institution. Students can work as interns at, for example, a literary museum, a publishing house or literary festival. Placements are a vital component in the training of future professionals in the literature industry at the start of their careers, and we are keen to ensure that the experience is a successful and valuable one both for our students and the host institutions. We cooperate with various institutions in Germany and abroad, and our endeavour is to find the right placement for each of our students.