Forschergruppe ENVIRUS (ENVIRonment Under Stress)

The research group ENVIRUS focusses on the effects of abiotic and biotic disturbances in different ecosystems:

1.Peatland research - in cooperation with the Climate Concept Foundation

2. Forests and Agrosystems

Scientific Research objectives:

1. Impact of biotic and abiotic disturbances on organismic and biogeochemical levels as well as landscape structures.

2. To quantify the effects of landscape composition and climate factors on mass insect outbreak probability and intensity in urban and non-urban Environments using landscape modeling

3. Budgeting the biogeochemical cycles in forests under climate change

4. To produce scientifically sound recommendations to stakeholders on how to enhance and ensure sustained ecological stability of trees/forests under climate change

Our investigations will be performed at multiple spatial and temporal scales and levels of ecosystem organization including retrospective data analyses of insect invasions and landscape analyses. Our work has been filmed by the well-known german documentary series  Terra X (starting at 31:34)!

Buche von unten
View into a beech from ground level (A. l. M.-Arnold)

Clos-up view of two Oak Processionary Moths (Lukas Beule)