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Admission requirements for the Single and Joint Honours MA "East Asian Studies/Modern Sinology" (78/ 42 C)

  • B.A. degree or equivalent degree
  • Evidence of credits in sinology to the extent of at least 120 C must be submitted, including credits totalling at least 24 C from at least two of the following areas: history, religion, politics, society, philosophy, linguistics, economy or law of modern China.

Language requirements:

Chinese language:
Applicants with a native language other than modern Mandarin Chinese must possess sufficient knowledge of modern Mandarin Chinese. Evidence of sufficient language skills is to be furnished by passing an examination on level 5 of the Hànyu Shuipíng Kaoshì (HSK) test or on band B level 3 of the Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL); instead of a test certificate, the necessary language skills according to the HSK level 5 or on band B level 3 TOCFL standard can also be proved by successful participation in the language aptitude test offered by Georg August University.

English language:
Applicants whose mother tongue is not English must demonstrate proficiency in the English language. Applicants shall demonstrate the required English proficiency by earning the minimum required grade on an internationally recognised test. Applicants who have spent at least one year studying or working in an English-speaking country during the three years prior to the submission of their admissions application (date received) are exempt from this requirement. Moreover, exemptions apply to applicants who have successfully completed an at least two-year degree or partial degree programme in the English language (proof required). A certificate of proficiency in English must be submitted within the first semester after enrolment. Pending that proof of language proficiency the enrolment is subject to conditions precedent.