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Leave of absence for one or more semesters

Each student has the possibility to take a leave of absence for one or more semesters. The reason for the leave of absence must be proven by means of corresponding documents which you have to upload with your request.

    Reasons for a leave of absence
  • Studies abroad (unless the stay abroad is stated as obligatory in the programme and examination regulations)
  • Completion of an internship (unless the internship is stated as obligatory in the programme and examination regulations). For a leave of absence due to an internship, the written consent of the dean must be attached to the application as well as a certification of internship.
  • Completion of an official duty (e.g. military or alternative military service)
  • Illness (also of close relatives)
  • Pregnancy, birth, period of child-rearing (Elternzeit)

You apply for a leave of absence online; copies of the corresponding supporting documents must be uploaded alongside your request. You can lodge your application from the beginning of the re-registration period until one month after the start of lectures. If you lodge your application after re-registration you are required to submit your chip card. After the start of lectures, you must also submit a confirmation that you have not yet taken any examinations in the semester in question. It is not possible to have a previous semester counted as a semester taken off at a later date.

Pregnancy, maternity protection, parental leave, severe illness
In cases of undue hardship, exceptional lodgement of applications is still possible until the end of the lecture period. Undue hardship usually exists if, due to protective provisions in accordance with the Maternity Protection Act, parental leave or serious illness, no examinations were taken in the semester in question.

Time and duration of a leave of absence
A leave of absence can only be applied to complete semesters and generally for a maximum of two consecutive semesters. During the course of studies, leave of absence is not possible for more than a total of four semesters. It is not permissible for the first semester, for which you have applied for enrolment, unless evidence is presented of a material reason according to Article 9, Paragraph 2, clauses a, e and f (matriculation regulations), nor for any previous semesters. The semesters taken off will not count towards your amount of allotted study semesters and therefore do not count towards the calculation of long-term tuition fees..

Study credits
During this time you are usually not entitled to attend lectures, complete courses or take exams at the University Göttingen.

Pregnancy, maternity protection, parental leave
For students taking a leave of absence out of the abovementioned reasons exeptional regulations apply. They are entitled to take examns up to a specified limit. For further information please contact the office of student affairs (contact details in the left-hand column).