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Occupational Integration Management (BEM)

The Occupational Integration Management (BEM) is integrated into the occupational health management BGM of the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen.

Beratung BEM The BEM supports employees on their return to their workplace after a long illness. The prelude to a BEM-process is always a confidential conversation about the concrete situation. The necessary measures will be set up together under active participation of the employees. The process is accompanied by interal experts until the successful reintegration.

The legal bases to the BEM are enshrined by law in "Sozialgesetzbuch IX § 167 Prävention". Furthermore a service agreement to the BEM was adopted in 2011.

The goals of the BEM at the Georg-August-University:

  • Overcome an incapacity for work and prevent a new one;

  • integrate employees according to their abilities;

  • to maintain the workplace;

  • Avoid diseases and disabilities by reducing burdens and health hazards at work;

  • to maintain and promote the health of all employees in the long run.

Participation to the BEM is optional!
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