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Documents required for enrolment as a doctoral student

Please submit the following documents to Göttingen University if you wish to enrol as a doctoral candidate coming from the EU or EEA, or as a foreigner with a German university entrance qualification:

  • a copy of your degree certificate (Bachelor, Diploma, Master, State Examination)
  • evidence of semesters studied at German universities (confirmation of periods of study)
  • admittance as a doctoral student by the Dean of the relevant faculty (or by his authorized representative)

  • for foreign candidates only: certificate from the lectorate “German as a foreign language” (Lektorat Deutsch als Fremdsprache) as evidence of adequate language proficiency (DSH - German language test for university admission) or exemption from the DSH test by the Dean of Studies in writing.

Please note:

A declaration of intent or any other positive written recommendation from a doctoral dissertation supervisor is not sufficient.

Certificates in any language other than German must be submitted in the form of a certified translation.