Discussion session "Lean in - women and men working together towards equality"

No other book about gender inequalities and how to face them has attracted more attention than the book "Lean In" written by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook. The book provides a lot of personal stories on how Sheryl Sandberg, her colleagues and her friends manage - successfully, and sometimes less so - their work and private life. These stories are related to psychological mechanisms such as the impostor syndrome or stereotyped perceptions affecting the professional success of women. Most importantly, the book aims at encouraging women to achieve their goals and initiating experience exchange and discussion - among women as well as between women and men - to create a more equal world together.

The book and its intentions motivate our discussion "Lean in - women and men working together towards equality". Participants are welcomed to share personal experience with other participants - in small groups and, if they want, on the podium. We believe that an open-minded discussion is important to understand barriers that restrain women's success in order to recognize personal scopes of action. We look forward to an interactive discussion respecting the confidentiality about shared personal stories. Prior reading of the book is not at all a prerequisite!

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