IRTG 2172: PRoTECT: Plant Responses To Eliminate Critical Threats


The International Research Training Group 2172 funded by the DFG is a collaborative program between research groups of the Georg-August-University Goettingen (UGOE) and research groups of the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver.

The IRTG is managed by 8 research groups of the Georg August University Goettingen in close cooperation with 7 research groups of the Department of Botany and the Michael-Smith Laboratories of the UBC in Vancouver. A joint PhD training program and close cooperation within the projects provide international experience and an international network to the doctoral researchers who also spend part of their PhD thesis in Canada.



We congratulate Dmitrij Rekhter, Milena Lewandowska, Jessica Starke and Lara Schmitz for successfully completing their PhD!

Latest Publications

The latest IRTG publication was published in Science:
Rekhter D., Lüdke D. , Ding Y., Feussner K., Zienkiewicz K., Lipka V., Wiermer M., Zhang Y. and Feussner I.: Isochorismate-derived biosynthesis of the plant stress hormone salicylic acid. Science 2019, 365(6452):498-502
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