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"Process Design" Working Group (person responsible: Dr. Ulrich Löffler, Student and Academic Services)

This Working Group for developing a process structure for the integration of refugees into degree programmes ["Prozessgestaltung der Integration von Flüchtlingen ins Studium"] was constituted in November 2015. It meets regularly with representatives of Göttingen University alongside representatives from the partner institutes of higher learning on the campus (like HAWK, PFH). In these meetings, individual programme offerings can be discussed and potential synergistic effects implemented on the campus. For example, at the Information Days for Prospective Students held on 7 and 8 March 2016, a multilingual info point for refugees was set up (with the participation of the TU Clausthal) and an informational event titled "Studying as a Refugee was offered. The guest student programme developed for refugees already had a successful run in the winter semester 2015/16 with a total of 31 guests participating. The guest student programme is being evolved for the summer semester. The University will continue to intensify its information and advisory activities for refugees in the coming months in order to facilitate the integration of refugees into study curricula.