Prof. Dr. Dirk Semmann

I am an evolutionary biologist and currently teaching the "Introduction to computer modeling" course and the "Human cooperative and social behavior" seminar.

My research focuses on circumstances that hinder or promote cooperative behavior in humans. A special focus lies on public goods problems and their solutions. Some of the most pressing public goods problems today are the sustaining of our climate, sustaining health in a population (e.g. Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2), overfishing of the oceans and overuse of natural resources.

Methodically we use experimental studies in which volunteers play computerized games. The technique is derived from the economical sciences and is often used for the experimental testing of game-theoretic models. The games make it possible to test cooperation in various conflict situations and environmental conditions. We also use computer models and simulations to verify the experimental results or to create better predictions for the experimental studies.