Community of Practice & Training

Currently, our meetings take place online on ZOOM. The meetings usually take place in German, but please do reach out if you would like to join the community and do not speak German!

In the past semesters, a "Community of Practice" has grown from of the collaboration in the teaching projects funded by study quality funds. We meet about twice a semester for about 1.5 hours to exchange experiences and to openly discuss a topic related to the planning, development or implementation of an international (and virtual) cooperation in teaching. Here, academics in ongoing projects can network with colleagues who have already completed their projects and integrated them into the curriculum.

So far, these are some of the topics that we have discussed: tools and communication platforms for international and virtual collaboration, video production with international project partners, collaboration with guest lecturers, formulation of learning outcomes with an international/intercultural dimension, issues in the design of course units, transfer of project results to the faculty, group dynamics in the virtual and international classroom, evaluation of courses with a focus on international and virtual collaboration, and sustainability of virtual exchange scenarios. Furthermore, academics present concepts of their new initiatives or show ILIAS learning units as "work in progress" and receive feedback from colleagues.

For some topics we invite experts from the university, e.g. on copyright issues in jointly created teaching materials or for an impulse on the topic of ice-breakers for intercultural student teams. In 2020, we invited Dr. Eva Haug (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) for an impulse lecture on the Joint Classroom and in 2022, the experts from the OER platform Twillo joined us for an introduction.

Dates and topics in 2024

  • 28 February 2024: Making virtual exchange offers sustainable
  • more topics and dates tbc!

  • Icon_BeratungWould you like to join the discussion, get advice from colleagues or share your experiences?

    Please send me a message and I will be happy to add you to the email list and inform you about the exchange meetings!