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RTG Schedule: RENEWAL of a Research Training Group

In order to apply for a second funding period of your Research Training Group (RTG), you can submit a renewal proposal including a progress report of the first funding period to the DFG. This renewal proposal including the progress report must be handed in to the DFG Head Office no later than twelve months prior to the end of the first funding period. Your individual submission deadline is stated in the written DFG notice approving the first funding period. We ask you to confer the individual process and schedule of your project with us in sufficient time.
The following time schedule only serves as a means of orientation.

End of first funding period  
Review and decision II (Renewal proposal phase)
Begin of consultation by the Research and Transfer Department (ongoing)
Preparation of the renewal proposal (including progress report)
Submission of the renewal proposal (including progress report) to the office of the Committee ot the Senate
Discussion of the proposal (including progress report) in the Research Committee of the Senate
Short presentation of the proposal in the Senat
Submission of the renewal proposal (including progress report) to the DFG
On-site review by the DFG (two days)
Decision by the DFG
Written notice of the decision by the DFG
Second funding period