Conference "Quo vadis Europa?"

Conference "Quo vadis Europe? A peace projects at the crossroads"

18-20 November 2016
Conference series "Science for Peace and Sustainability"

Europe is facing important challenges. The political, economical and societal crisis of recent have shaken the process of European integration to its core. Not only the ability of the EU and its institutions to find effective solutions for pressing problems is being questioned. Some are even challenging the idea of European Union itself and blame the EU itself as a source for the problems. The sustainability of the peace project Europe is at risk.

What constitutes the EU and how can we fashion a European Identity? How does sustainable integration look like, that goes beyond institutions, but reaches Europe’s citizens. Which role does Europe need to play in the diplomatic arena? Which concepts of Europe dominate its self-perception and how is it perceived from abroad?

The conference aims at addressing these questions in an interdisciplinary way, taking note of current research data. It will try to come up with perspective for the future that go beyond the dichotomy of more or less Europe.